Altamont’s operational philosophy is focused on running safe and environmentally responsible operations. Our strategy is to achieve excellence in reservoir management and improvement of recovery factors.

Our operations are focused in the Uinta Basin, Utah, where our expert staff of geologists, engineers and production technologists drive the execution of cost-effective tactical plans to maximize production while creating value for our shareholders. Reservoir development and production management plans are executed by our very hands-on management team and experienced field personnel, who actively participate on the day-to-day field operations and engineering activities. 

Communication, innovation and timely decision making are key for our continuous improvement approach and for delivering value to our shareholders through cost-efficient operations that meet or exceed safety and environmental expectations.  

Operating Area


Altamont’s 36,800 acres are in abasin-centered, over-pressured petroleum system, with significant demonstrated stacked pay potential, in the Wasatch and Lower Green River formations. 

Our acreage position is well positioned within the most prolific areas of the Uinta Basin

Multi-stacked pays provide multiple development plays on the same acreage.

The ~ 5,000’ stacked pay hydrocarbon column includes multiple proven productive zones 

Pressure mapping of the Green River & Wasatch formations shows over-pressured intervals with demonstrated oil and gas production, with higher production rates relative to areas south of our acreage position


regional stratigraphic framework