Social and Environmental Responsibility


Altamont’s core principles are founded in running safe operations that are aligned with strong social and environmental responsibility. A number of operational activities and plans are in place to ensure that we can develop our assets in a responsible manner:


•Phase 1 environmental site assessment was completed before acquisition closing and no serious problems were found. Any minor issues found were quickly resolved.

•Emergency response plans were put in place upon taking over operations on May 1, 2018. These plans are reviewed and updated as needed, for example, adding a wild fire response plan based on Uinta Basin wildfires that occurred during Summer, 2018.

•Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans are current and in place for the entire field.

•All Utah required stormwater discharge plans are now in place. They were not under the previous operator.

•All Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) air permits are current and in place for the entire field.

•Completed an air quality self-audit around all production facilities. Corrected any facility emission issues. Added tank battery infrastructure to greatly reduce or even eliminate vapor releases while transferring crude to oil hauling trucks.

•All boilers have been inspected and are compliant by the Utah State Boiler Inspector.  

•All new wells’ casing and cementing programs are designed and implemented to protect all fresh wateraquifers.  

•Members of the Utah Petroleum Association (UPA). Financially support and active participant in UPA Community Outreach Dinners and Meetings. Dinners are held in the communities of Duchesne, Roosevelt and Vernal on a rotating basis once a quarter.

•Member and on the Board of Director’s of the Western Energy Alliance (WEA). Financially support and active participant in numerous agenda’s with this  membership -based organization that funds critical advocacy initiatives on behalf of the oil and gas industry in the West. 

•EPA has designated that the Uinta Basin will be deemed in winter ozone moderate non-attainment in 2020 or 2021. The UPA and WEA are working together in providing resources to study and better understand ozone formation and prevention. Altamont has provided funding for these studies and analyses.